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hate my parents

i fucking hate my parents. they are literally bitches. they always think i’m the selfish one but when my siblings do the exact same thing, they’re praised for their assertiveness. my brother was refusing to settle a problem and i took initiative and told him we needed to solve this and we did. my fucking idiot father said that i ruined the mood and should’ve just waited for him to finish. bitch i’m busy too, the world doesn’t revolve around my brother and i should just wait around for him to finish. he always says i’m selfish and always say that i use these specific phrases that i haven’t fucking used in 3 months. if i could fucking love with any other family, i would

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Re: hate my parents

when emotions have calmed down sit them down and speak to them, they are only human too and have their frustrations, get angry and sad. There can always be outsiding factors changing their mood that you are not aware of. Sometimes you have to be the adult and think maybe they need some extra effort or patience from you as they’re going through a hard time. Families fight and work it out don’t be scared to express how you feel. But stay calm because when you get angry and shout they won’t listen... I learn this the hard way