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Hate of Love

Honestly, I dunno what's happening to me... Eversince my family submerged itself to waterloo, I begun to hate and love the idea of love. Yes, I love the idea of that one person that is meant for you and you alone. That one person bound to you forever. That type, True Love/Red String Shit... But sometimes I hate seeing it in front of me. Before, I would squeal at the idea of seeing it, now... I doubt of it. Every couple, every lovers... Old and young... I wish they'll break, I wish they'll see, how unfaithful the other is after 5-10 years... That type of love, one in a milllion... Rare... Impossible to obtain and maintain... Humans are fickle creatures after all... Loyalty? Ha! Highly unlikely...

Now, even in mangas, I get pissed when it gets too sweet... What's wrong with me?