Have you ever felt....

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Have you ever felt empty? like a glass of water halfway full? have you ever felt like a sunken ship slipping below the waters? have you ever felt alone surrounded by your own darkness? have you felt the soft touch of a cold window and thought to yourself how peaceful it is? have you ever felt a cold winter breeze in the middle of a lonely night? have you ever looked up to the sky and cried because you couldn’t share it with someone...anyone? have you ever been in a room surrounded by some many loved ones and felt like you didn’t exist? have you talked to someone and thought to yourself one day you will watch them die? have you ever looked at yourself and saw someone else? have you ever hated yourself to the point where you can’t even look at yourself ? have you ever gone to the lowest point of your life then slipped even lower? Have you ever sat and wonder why am I here what is my purpose? am I meant to be anything at all or will I always be nothing? have you ever looked at someone you loved and watched them die, and as they die you die as well? have you gave someone your heart and watched them take it use it and then give you a part back and take the rest and feed someone else with it? have you watched someone take your life and cry as they did it how can you execute me and cry for my soul as you stab me, how can you tell me you love as you bleed me? have you ever wonder how did I crawl so far how did I not drown or freeze in the cold winter? have you watched yourself become a monster that only cared about yourself? have you been the monster that kills the one you love? have you ever been the cancer that killed the person you love? have you ever thought to yourself that the night sky is just a reflection of our boundless emptiness and we are truly alone?have you ever looked down on a city at night and saw the lights and thought Im surrounded by some many people, but I’m so by myself here that no one even knows my name....I have what about you? ~Rough