Having feelings for someone is suicidal

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Job is shit. I never felt so shit in my life. Having feelings for somebody is like a death sentence nowadays. I regret having feelings for her. Who is her? Slim, petite, yet short, and is averagely cute by my standards. Attitudes can be a bit stressed and she is not perfect but she can be quite attractive sometimes. And I regret having feelings for her. It like you just killed yourself with that feeling. And I masturbated to her lots. And lots. Yes. How much of my millions died by my masturbating hands? And yet I cannot forget her. But I know she will never love or care about me.

I wanted to forget her but it is so difficult when you have a crush on a workmate. It is so difficult and the fact she would rather spend her time with her boyfriend made my heart aches every single time knowing she probably did " things" with him already and I even masturbate to the fantasy of that. I feel ashamed of myself. I just want to stay away and quit my job. For the love of God, please make me forget her...