He caused my miscarriages

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How do I stay with a man who killed my babies by beating me when I was pregnant? I had 4 miscarriages and he didn’t console me, or take care of me. And now I have 3 children with him. He’s never lifted a finger on me again as I am stronger and he’s scared he knows he can end up in jail. But what the fuck am I still doing with him? I told him today I will never forgive him. No religion forgives a man like this, but he has the audacity to tell me God will forgive him. He killed 2 of my babies inside me. He picked me and threw me on the floor and pushed me, strangled me. Left bruises on my neck and chest and arms. This was 10 years ago now. How will God forgive a man like this? How can he have no fear or guilt that he murdered his own babies? I’m a disgusting woman to carry on living with him.