suicidal problems

He killed me HELP

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I was living with the love of my life for 2 years. We never dated, but I loved him with all my heart. We were living together and all, but never publicly said it. He is a meaning of my life, and I don’t think I can live without him. He was controlling, always making me come home early, stressing, not letting me seeing my friends at night... he didn’t let me go out and have fun. But I love him and I did everything so he is happy. Even when he was wrong I was on my knees apologizing. He is the light of my life and he knows it. I knew he was cheating, but I forgave... anyways we were not official. One day I found out he was fucking with MY SISTERS BOYFRIEND SISTER. This was too much...It killed me... but I still love him... yesterday night I was in the club to drink my pain away. He found me there and tried to put me in his car... I was drunk... he choked me till I passed out. He brought me home. I’m all blue, my face mess, I can’t properly breathe, my face is swollen, my body hurts all in bruises. He told me he was only holding me because he was scared I wold kill myself. He knows I had suicidal problems all my life. I forgive him because I love him. I can’t let him go...I’m in pain, I asked him to stay with me and talk... he closed the door and left to his girl like a cold hearted monster.

He killed me... now I have no point to live... I have no will to do anything. I’m scared to loose him....

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