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Hear Her

Hush... Do you hear her?

Her heart echos silent cries

Cries of Love Lost

Cries of Lust Denied

Cries of Her love for Him

Silence... Do you hear her?

Her soul's cripplingly screams

Screaming for Him

Screaming for His soul to be lost no more from hers

Screaming for their love to survive

Quiet... Do you hear her?

Her tears thunder for Him to crown himself as her King

Thunder mercilessly with affection

Thunder relentlessly to hear those whispers that echo deep in Her womb

Thunder against all odds to prove Her worthy of Him

Finally... You do hear her

Will your heart Cry as hers cried?

Will your soul scream till it's found her soul?

Will you Thunder till the distance bears no more weight?

Will you hear her?

At last... You hear her!