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heart break

i realized i loved him by how gentle he was with me. he was a cold boy from a broken home. he needed light, so i stuck around. he needed me so i was there. i loved how he hugged me when i was down. how he loved me with the love he didn’t have. all he’s ever wanted was to make someone proud. he’s my bestfriend. i know i could love enough for the both of us. but he loves her. i know he loves me. but not in the ways i love him. he doesn’t love me for my smile or how my hand feels in his. he doesn’t love me becuase i’m what he needs. but i know i could be what he needs. but he’s not what i need. and sometimes you have to break yourself to heal those u care about. and that’s how i know he will never be able to love me the way i love him.