Heart break

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Today my boyfriend broke up with me . He decided to look after his own life . I couldn't take this pain . I know I have to move on . But I couldn't handle the pain I am going through. Currently feeling depressed. I cannot end my life because I have to look after my family. Don't know what to do at this situation. How could I see him with another girl . He is the only bestfriend i had . Now i am feeling lonely. My heart feels empty . He didn't even fought for our love . I love him truly. Am suffering alot inside. But no one understands my pain . None of them believed that I truly loved him . I need to move on but I don't know how. I am unable to show my pain in front of my family because I don't want to hurt them by seeing me hurt. Am feeling very low.i couldn't concentrate on anything. He is the only thought in my mind. Somebody help me to get rid of this pain.