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Have you ever been hurt ?? Well if you have then you can relate it to yourself. My parents don't really love me and I know it. They always make fun of me and humiliate me in front of everyone. I just didn't know how to take this and thought about ending my life.

Just then a person enters who literally is opposite of what your parents were. She loves you she supports you and promises to always be there for you. But she lied. She couldn't stay forever. She is leaving. Any day she might just come to me and say that she's gonna get married to someone else. I just can't go through this. I'm dying on the inside. I cry to sleep and wake up with tears. I tried everything possible but I know she'll leave one day. Please help me. It looks like I'm losing a part of myself. I don't wanna go back to being a loser where no one loves you. Please help me.

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