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Going through a break up... he left me for someone at his work, says she makes him happy. Never felt so fucked up emotionally, we’ve been together for practically 5 years how could he do such a thing? I did not see this coming at all I put my all into this guy, gave him my love, time and support and forgave him for all his mistakes but could not keep him happy. I cry almost ever min of the day.. I can’t stop thinking about him and how depressed I am about this, Pls I need some really good advice on how to get through this, venting to my friends is no help so I ended up here pls I wanna get over this so bad the pain of heartbreak is no joke I want it all to go away

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Re: Heartbroken

I can help you cuz I am a psychology student ... I will be glad to solve your issue cuz I have gone through the same condition and self healed myself .... If u want my help then reply me here with your WhatsApp no. ... No fee will be charged it will be good for both of us. Btw I am a female so I can heal u in a better way

A psychological student? Promising to solve your problems and heal you? That sounds fishy. I dont think their allowed to do so if their a student. Just saying.

It takes time. First, get rid of everything that has a memorie attatched to it. Old texts, pictures, letters,stuffed animals and other things he gave you. Each time you see an object that reminds you, it will reopen the healing wound.

Out of site helps heal the mind.

Now your brain. Its going to enter a state of repedivness. Something will start you thinking of the person. A song, a memory. Something. ( bty, change your music type). When it does, you need to break the negative thought cycle.

You could try cleaning something everytime a thought starts.


Washing walls is what helped me.

Keep a journal of what helps and wont help. Brainstorm a few idea. Probably not a good idea to journal about the person. At least not for now.

Chage up ur life. Old habbits will bring back memories. Start new routines.

Talk to people. Your parents. A counsler. Theirs a text number you can text too for support during emotionally difficult times. 741741

Theirs lots of good resources availble online. Google it.

It hurts now. But it does fade. And everyone around you has gone through it. So reach out to the people around and talk to them. it helps.