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People around me know I dislike dogs, but don't know to what extent. I couldn't care less if You handed me a gun and told me to shoot the dogs. I would probably kill the dogs, you, and myself. I enjoy watching dogs die on the dark web. I am very suicidal and don't have any support from my 'family' as they don't think I do so I must be lying for attention, but if I were to kill myself it MUST be because of the internet. But I'm in a server online which we help each other, hell, I even helped a girl call her parents to prevent her brother from killing her dog. I'm getting better. My 'mom' likes to laugh and joke about my anxiety and makes me do all the house work since 'I'm the oldest' and will degrade me after. I will cut them off when I move out, and will call child services to help my 'brothers', even if they hate me too. I'm also a homosexual, making things harder, along with being pro blm, in a racist household. I'm at my limits, whether its my anger issues making me want to lash out, or fucked up ways they think is okay standards for raising children. Also, my 'father' cheated on my 'mother' while she was pregnant with his son. They don't know I know that. thank you for reading, I will refer to myself as motdrot or skiwit on here, so you may run into me sometime again.