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Hello iam eya

Hello world how are you?

Hello world iam the wierdo..... Who never been accepted just because i say what i feel and i say what i like and what i don't like love you no matter who you are just be yourself and express it you dont have to explain nothing to no one..... Sometimes is hard because you feel empty you feel lonely you ask why me why i dont have friends why they don't accept me why they see me different they will always gunna see u different they will always put you nicknames they call me wierdo... Bitch.... They even tell my mom is she a psychic or dumb or i really felt bad when i was younger but now i laugh before they even started and Finnish i don't care i dont give a fuck if they like me or not if they accept me or not in the end who the fuck are u to me nothing so get out of my face dont bother me thank u