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hello, I'm Kaylee!

Ok. All my life I've been bisexual. I'm also into crossdressing. I fucking love it! I grew up in an ultra conservative white Christan small town. Troubled life, lots of trauma at young age. Mother killed herself when I was 11... Soon after I began experiencing puberty and learned that I absolutely LOVED to dress up as a girl! I could never tell anyone tho. I felt shame disgust self hatred... But I also felt FREE for the first time in my life! Happy. I felt like the real me. I had long hair and was chubby. I had a soft curvy girlish figure. I had little prepubescent "boobs" lol (which I loved to squeeze and caress! lol I was so naughty!) When I put on makeup and lingerie bras and panties.... Good Lord I felt fucking YUMMY!!! I was a cute little girl! I loved it! I cherished the time I had home alone where I could dress up all cute and prance around in front of the mirror and wiggle my little butt and just play and be naughty and have fun! ** Anyhow I realized during puberty that I was bi. I was and still am attracted to females. I enjoy sex with them. But moreso I just want to BE that sexy girl!! SOOOO badly!!!! I wanted to seduce a big strong buff muscular masculine manly man!! I wanted a sexy hunk of a man to sweep me off of my pretty little feet and hold me in his big strong arms and kiss me deeply and passionately! I savored the idea. It felt almost holy, sacred... I was mistaken for a girl numerous times and felt shame but in my secret fantasies I felt like a goddess!!! I wanted to feel my man's beard tickle me as we kiss! I wanted to caress his rock hard big manly arms and chest! Rubbing his muscles, sitting pretty in his lap! Gently subtly wiggling my cute little bottom! Enraptured by the feel of his hands on my plump little cheeks!


I spent an eternity inside my head. Alone in my bed, eyes shut, letting the beloved fantasy run thru me. I can't remember when I first masturbated while imagining giving a man a blow job but I was soon addicted, obsessed. NOTHING could ever feel as amazing as this feeling!! My gorgeous smile, cherry red lips so wet and so plush, so eager. The mischievous look in my eyes as I get on all fours, and crawl to my man! Feeling oh so sexy as I slowly unbutton his jeans, as he removes his belt. Using my teeth to roll his zipper down.... Looking him dead in the eyes, crazy with lust, desire, hunger, urgency...

That perfect moment when he winks at me and blows me a kiss, making me melt! so hot so READY I nearly cum in my panties!! Heart racing, breathing faster, as he slowly reaches in his undies..... And whips out his unbelievably HUGE big hard fat thick throbbing man meat.... My eyes widen I gasp for breath and moan softly in pure awe of the big beautiful heavenly sight before me! I lick my lips my mouth watering goddamn it looks SOOOO. FUCKING. DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He whips out his meat and lets it bounce up and down in front of my hypnotized face!! My god it is just INCHES from my face!!! All my life I've yearned for this moment!!!

*(etc etc)*

I finally came to know my fate my purpose my destiny my reason for living.... I was born to suck dick. to swallow cum. to be a piece of fucking meat for REAL men. To suck and ride and get fucked by and worship cock and cum. To be the nastiest naughtiest horniest freaky kinky filthiest sluttiest little cocksucking BITCH who ever lived!!!!


I wanted to be a shemale pornstar!!! The most famous super star in the universe!!! I wanted to be so cute and FEMININE and sexy that I'd make any man want me!! I wanted to take the biggest strongest manliest most macho most alpha men in the world, and have them bow at my feet to worship me like the yummy fuckin nymphomaniac sex goddess that I was! Licking and kissing my lovely gorgeous pretty feet!!! Sucking on my pretty little toes and begging for it to never end!!! Telling me that my cute yummy little pretty toes are the most delicious thing on Earth!! Telling me how sweet I taste!! I get wetter and wetter and can't help but moan and pant and coo, giggling. I adore the feel of these men's warm lips and tongues, as they savor me. My delicious feet!!! I playfully wiggle my toes I rub my feet along their faces their chests... I giggle like a little school girl as his beard tickles my toes while he is enjoying my sweetness.... I shift gears, letting him gently guide my feet lower, and lower... I love the feel of his hard muscular hairy chest at the tips of my dancing exploring wiggling toes!!! I keep going lower, lower, until..... BOING!!!!!!!!! he smiles as he reaches in his pants to retrieve his penis, letting it flip and flop all about!!! Holding me by the ankles, my panties DRENCHED and my toes wiggling anxiously, we both laugh as he seductively shakes his lovely and MASSIVE man meat all over the place!!! It shakes and flops left right left right left right.... Then he puts his hands behind his head all sexy flexing his big strong muscles and waves it UP DOWN UP DOWN UP DOWN.....

Such a wonderous sight to behold!!! Pulsating THROBBING rock fucking hard and easily a full 11 inches in length!!! So thick so MEATY so lovely my body quivers in anticipation, mouth watering, craving this delicious man meat.... He pulls me out of my trance with a kiss, and then he proceeds to QUICKLY RAPIDLY lick kiss suck taste savor my feet and toes like a mad man!!! He licks me he sucks me drooling all over my feet like a starving man as I whimper helplessly moaning and rubbing my sweet tight wet pretty little pink buttpussy!!!! My eyes roll back as I rub and finger my hole harder and faster, moaning like a sissy bitch in heat! Which is what I was!!! Suddenly he removes my toes from his mouth I wiggle them playfully and giggle sweetly and he....... Wraps my feet/toes around his throbbing big hard dick!!!!! Oh my good Lord oh God oh yes ohh FUUUCK!!!!!!!

*(sooooo, yeah!!!)*

That's my naughty little secret!! But it's not the WHOLE truth lol you gotta understand my sexuality has grown and evolved throughout my entire life. The horror and self loathing I felt as a naughty young boy..... I didn't realize or understand this at the time, but truthfully, the same way I knew to suppress deny hide ignore the desire and urges I felt.... The thought, for example, of my father discovering me as a girl.... My worst fear.... We were close. Friends. After mommy died I knew I couldn't let him see the real me I couldn't break his heart and bring him that shame.... I refused..

But time and life and years went on and one day I saw the truth: the young horny little girly girl I used to be, 11, 12, 13 years old..... As much as I let the world TRICK ME INTO believing I hated myself.... No!!!! I wanted it all!!! I wanted it more than anything!!!!!! Deep deep down inside my heart mind soul whatever, god help me, I WANTED TO BE SEEN!!!! I wanted to get caught. I wanted my father to discover that his son is a girly little sissy faggot. I wanted him to see me to REALLY see me, Kaylee the vibrant free spirited free loving cute sweet (naughty!) little gurl who was my true self.... I began envisioning him coming home late one night, after partying whatever, and accidentally seeing me in all my sweet little cutie pie glory!!!!!!! I had this scenario in mind; I'm all prettied up, my little preteen tits and ass looking resplendent in sexy tiny bra and panties. My thick long legs my creamy skin, my perfect feet and toes, painted to match my lips cherry red! Tiny tight little creamy white silk satin bra and panties sexy little platform flip flops with the sexy fuzzy red stuff at the toes...

Yeah. I was looking YUUUUUMYY!!!! I was in my bed, on my hands and knees, delightful feet rubbing together toes wigging fat little ass high in the air!!! I bob my head up and down savoring every inch every heavenly moment

slurping and greedily sucking two boys cocks!!! *( My father, buzzed drunk high etc stands outside my bedroom window, looking in the dark bedroom. He thinks to himself oh wow!! Just look at this cute little bitch! Damn what a fat little ass on her! MMMM, MMMMM!!!! he imagines. Man oh man if only I was 16 again!! I would fuck the shit outta this little bitch!!)*

What he THOUGHT he saw was his son's two best friends, getting head from some little slut/girl/friend from school. He assumed that me, his MALE SON, was being the cool kid throwing a party! Letting his two buds gang bang this little bitch on his bed! He (I, me, the son lol) must be on the couch in the living room with a girl of my own!! He smiles and nods his head proud of his alpha male son!!!

But right then in my most perfect moment!!!!! His smile fades his expression changes as the cold cold BITTER COLD truth becomes apparent and reality sets in. He is in shock yet helpless to look away..... As I pause in my sucking and enjoying these two boys yummy dicks! I raise up off the bed, catching my breath, rising to my feet, I wipe the wet glob of spit and precum off of my lips and smile sweetly, speaking to the two boys. Daddy looks on as he sees what's really taking place....

Oh no oh God NOOO this can't be, that's....... (MY SON!!!!!!!) the man looks on in complete shock in abject horror in morbid fascination.... Eyes widen jaw drops... So many thoughts feelings emotions my son my son is a fucking FAGGOT my own son is dressed up like a goddamn fuckin slutty bitch/faggot/girl/slut/whore/etc

He sees the truth before him.... His young son is dressed up as a girl and is sucking the cocks of the other two boys my son is a FUCKINGFAGGOTCOCKSUCKER!!!!!!!

**(Jesus fucking Christ would you JUST LOOK AT HIM/HER/WHATEVER LOL)*

he tries desperately to shut the thought out but it's no use... My son my crossdressing young son..... god damn she is one sexy little bitch!!!!! He is simply gorgeous. My god..... She looks just like her mother when she was young and happy.... He can't fight the feeling, as a sinister grin crosses his face. Ok. You wanna get yourself all dolled up like a little bitch???? YOUR DADDY IS GONNA FUCK YOU LIKE ONE!!!!!!!!! **(PAUSE/INTERLUDE/TO BE CONTINUED!)***

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT!!! I secretly want to be a gurl. A famous shemale porn star. And I struggle with the reality that I have incestuous feelings for my own father. I didn't begin to see feel embrace this til I was in my mid 20s. But I can't lie to myself anymore.... I want to be a little gurl. I want to be DADDY'S LITTLE GURL. and I want to be his girlfriend and live happily ever after forever and ever always amen.... I've made myself orgasm countless times as I pictured an alternate universe. One where my father "molests" me after mommy dies. Forcing me to live as a cute little gurl!!! We fall deeply in love and live from then on not as father and son but as man and woman....

*(sobbing profusely after mommy died, Daddy getting in bed with me, holding me lovingly in his big strong arms I cuddle up to him my head on his massive chest his strong big muscled up arms holding me gently lovingly he consoles me whispering it's ok sweetie daddy's here hunny shhhh it's ok baby daddy's here punkin kissing me holding me.... Hold me daddy! Hold me tight!!!!!!

The mutual knowing that we are both probably damned to the darkest pits of hell for an infinite number of eternities.... And we don't fucking care we embrace it father son now man and woman Daddy and daddy's little gurl!!! It is taboo it is INSANITY....

and as we make love day in day out dozens hundreds thousands of times we are both in heaven!!!! I was BORN TO BE A SWEET LITTLE GIRLY GURL!!!! and I am eternally forever thankful for this amazing lovely beautiful specimen of a man!!!! The first time I suck him off and he comes on my face on my lips in my mouth down my throat I am HIS!!!! FOREVER!!! he makes love to me CONSTANTLY and makes me feel like the prettiest girl on Earth!!! Ohh Daddy!!! Oh sweetie....

I realize now that even tho I thought I was ashamed and disgusted of my secret side.... Truth is, I wish I could've pranced around like a fucking slutty little girly bitchfag and sucked my father's cock in front of the entire fucking town!!!! In front of the whole world!!!! I take his cum inside me as I swallow his seed in front of God and everyone!!!!!!

He finds me girly dressed up and viciously violently fucks my ass and throat dominating me..... And I fall head over heels in love with Him!!!!

I love you Daddy!! I love being your beautiful baby gurl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: hello, I'm Kaylee!

Hi; I’m the opposite of you. I’m like the ultimate alpha male. I’ve never had a single gay thought. I honestly can’t imagine finding a man attractive. However; I have fought to protect gays. I’ve been their protector at jobs. I write to politicians on their behalf. I used to wear purple & rainbow shirts just to piss off homophobes in college who would taunt gays; but were afraid of me.

But as a child I also looked like a beautiful girl. I was sex assaulted for yrs by 3 different people. They passed me around. One would dress me like a girl first. I would die before I’d let someone do that to me now.

As a pre-teen id let a female suck me so she’d be happy & hopefully not hurt the younger kids that day.

At 12 older boys & men still asked me out. It infuriated me. A giant muscular man raped me. I thanked God that by 13 I was turning from this perfect looking girl who was a boy into the hulk. I was one of the fastest runners in my state. A gymnast type. But genes changed that. By 20 I was 285 lbs with 4% body fat. Great athlete. Martial artists. Power lifter.

I looked like Thor in the movie (my face; hair; facial hair, & body). What’s weird I don’t seem to be aging in appearance normally.

My skin is wrinkle free & looks like a 20 yr olds. All my thick wavy hair. All my teeth.

But I have oddities. My joints are huge. I have a Gene Simmons tongue. My bone structure is huge. People say they’ve never seen such a large chest & broad shoulders. I have very wide hips but a narrow waist. My legs look like tree stumps. I have a long neck but it’s so muscular it seems I have no neck.

My upper arm won’t fit into a pulse cuff. You know those machines in a store? Can’t get my arm in it. My hands &feet are wide & thick. They must give me shots in my butt because my muscles are so hard. Needles break in them. Dense tissue.

I used to try to hide my teeth. Now I don’t as much. They look like vampire teeth. My eyes seem to glow & change colors. I’ve had people want to put them in a science book but I refuse.

My body is covered in thick strawberry blond hair. Between the muscles; frame, & hair I look like a gorilla. My grandpa looked like a 6’ 2” version of me. His dad a 6’ 7” version. Great grandpa claimed he was the last of a family of ancient kings. He fled his land; changed his name; hid his history, & came to America. He moved to a rural area & farmed. Only one child. They only told me because I looked like a shorter version of them.

What’s weird. My skull is huge. The back of it extends back like a smaller version of those alien skulls. No one can tell because my hair is so thick & wavy; & my body is so big. I’m a freak. I’m amazed women find me attractive. Oh my face is perfect. But my body looks like an animals.

As a preteen I became a sex addict. I loved being nude I loved dressing as a girl I loved the rush the thrill of almost being caught and my most recent kink I became huge fan of Marilyn Manson. I wanted to be a groupie sex slave for him!!! So dark and dangerous and scary and naughty.. I loved the feeling of like.... The unease I'm sure my father felt seeing my new role model!!!! What if my son.......???? What? Sucks dick? Dresses in drag? Worships Satan? Etc etc my imagination ran wild

Ok well I put together a sexy slutty outfit black leather trench coat combat boots cute braided pigtails black leather thong garter belt combo that accentuated my soft girlish body so wonderfully!!! Little preteen tits and hot wet tight pretty little pink buttpussy on full display!! My tits and ass cheeks barely contained!! Fishnet stockings lips and nails painted matching cherry red and to top it off a black leather belt around my neck with spikes and chains!!! I'm 13 horny asf all the time and I wanna be a shemale porn star when I grow up. I write in my diary constantly.... Describing the scene... I am practicing for a career in pen porn!! I attempted to do an erotic dance routine strip tease masturbation video!!! I've never been happier or more excited!!! I write in my diary of my dreams and desires for men to use my braids as handle bars!!! I prance on screen completely covered. Sucking a red lollipop smiling cute ready to be a bad little gurl!!

I write in great detail of my urge to make ANY man take a look at me! Shemale or not! I want to be shocking I want to be taboo I want to be America's sweetheart....

I wanna go to church and suck the pastor's big dick!!! I wanna rebel against my small town life and the world that hurt me... I write that I imagine horny hetero men delighted to see my young supple welcoming body.... I pour my soul into my diary!!!! ***I am hurt shocked heartbroken betrayed to learn that daddy stole my diary and read all my deep dark secrets ohh noo!!! **Anyhow!! My first ever video!! I dance around playfully looking at the camera kissy faced. I soon slowly let the trench coat drop to the floor... I cover myself at first before unveiling the treasure beneath!! My supple young yummy body!!! Looking like a goth girls dream come true! I am so happy with myself!!! Black leather thong garter belt combo my little tits and ass busting out!! I sit on my bed, greedily sucking my lollipop... I play with my beautiful big tits I love to caress and squeeze them!! I sit up and spread my legs as far as they will go before removing my boots! I am a hardcore foot fetishist!! Even at the tender age of 13 I know this.. I'm in love with my own pretty feet and toes!!!! I wiggle my toes playfully as I rub my legs together, lying on my back on the bed, feet in the air I feel like the sexiest little thing who ever lived!!! I dream of having a real man worship at my feet!!! I remembered seeing Daddy kiss mommy's toes once and massage her feet often.. I smile a private naughty little smile as I bring my toes to my mouth and bite the fishnet..... Using my mouth to take it off! One then the other.... Holy fucking God I'm a natural!! A natural at being a fucking slut and freak!! After I take the fishnets off I writhe around on the bed rolling around wigging my body gyrating humping thrusting I begin to lick myself.. licking kissing sucking TASTING!!! My legs my ankles my lovely tits.. I suck on my fingers and smile cutely at the camera. I keep going.... Soon enough I am gently rubbing myself, fingering my sweet pink hole, as I commenced to worship my own feet!!! By now I was ON FIRE I was loving everything about this.... gently softly cooing sexy little girlish moans as I savored my sweet sweet feet!!! I got wetter and wetter as I tasted my yummy toes... Finally I took a break.. I continued to touch myself and gently moan... Camera focused on my legs my feet toes.. I turn over and shake my sexy tight fat little ass like my life depended on it!!! Ever so often teasing my hole with a finger soaked in spit camera pans up awesome view of my lovely tits I smile and giggle feeling so pretty I shake my tits I caress them squeeze them... Lick them!!! I begin to suck my own titties!! As best as I can... Eagerly sucking slurping savoring leaving hickeys... Camera cuts back to my feet I rub my gorgeous toes together.... Camera slowly pans back up, to reveal......

I now have two large dildos!!!!! One in my mouth which I suck so happily getting louder gradually, the other..

The other dildo teasing my sweet pink!! Rubbing against my sweet butt pussy so deliciously I giggle as I continue... The final part of my wonderful little home movie!!!!! My grand finale!!!!

*(New scene): I am on my back legs high up feet ankles practically pinned behind my head!! I'm grateful to be so limber and flexible. I proceed to fuck myself in the ass... while simultaneously throat fucking myself....

I feel like a human stretchy toy! Or some such thing... Maybe a real live blow up doll!!! As I lie in my bed and use each of these nearly 12 inch/ foot long rubber cocks to rape myself, I allow myself to lose control...

I go on and on and ON as I take both toys.... Deep DEEP DEEPER inside my yummy little body I begin to moan louder and louder and FINALLY there it is!!!! YES!!!! I LOSE MYSELF TO THE WAVE THE PLEASURE THE BLUES I LET MY TENDER ASS SWALLOW UP ALL 12 INCHES I BARELY HAVE TIME TO MOAN OR GASP BECAUSE YYYEEESSS!!!!!!!! I gag and make pitiful gargling slurpy sounds as I take another 12 inches deep deep into my throat..... I fuck myself mercilessly .... As I prepared to finally blessedly gratefully cum and climax and orgasm, I feel this air this aura of performing something SACRED. Holy, even..

As I thrust into my asshole and throat a few final times, I feel myself give in completely and surrender.. lost in ecstacy I feel l might go totally insane and unhinged, perhaps faint or pass out from the weight of the crushing PLEASURE.... I grovel helplessly I cry out again and again AND AGAIN!!!! BY THE TIME I FINALLY CUM I AM QUITE LITERALLY SHRIEKING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS SCREAMING LIKE A WILD BEAST.....

my entire body vibrating shaking pulsating I take each dildo as far down my throat and up my ass as I possibly can..

My orgasm goes on FOR FUCKING EVER!!!!! I ride it like a wave as long as possible before finally rolling my young body into a ball of flesh, my cute tiny little shemale gurl cock spewing and spraying and GUSHING warm creamy cum EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel it splashing on my eyes nose lips face hair tits on and on and on I shoot my load!!!!! I smile as I feel my little (butt) pussy continue throbbing pulsating begging for more cock...

I've never been happier!!! I must've died and gone to heaven!!!! I feel the most intoxicating powerful feeling in the world!! I try to get a grip and contain myself as I just cum and cum and CUM!!!! deliriously deliciously drunk on fucking, imagining all the cock I would be worshipping!!!! I couldn't wait!!!! The sky was the limit!!,!! As my shaking shrieking orgasm began to subside I opened my mouth wide, so ready so eager to take my seed!!! I shot a great big gooey yummy glob of my hot tasty cum into my own mouth savoring the slightly bitter sweet salty flavor.... I taste so god-damned motherfucking yummy!!!! Delighted to taste the nectar of the gods!! Full of hope for the future... I wanted to DROWN IN CUM to choke on it I wanted to be in the guinness book of world records for swallowing the most cum ever!!!!!

I played with the gooey creamy goodness that splattered my pretty face. It felt lovely to be drenched in my own sweet yummy cum!!!

I wanted to suck every cock on the planet!!!!

*( Stay tuned!! As Kaylee learns her daddy knows her terrible secret!!! Also later!!! Incest is best!! I'm in love with my own father's big huge delicious cock!!!!)*