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Hello internet

This is weird. I never confess anything to anyone and I just saw this site I kinda changed my mind

im in senior year high school

I still dont have close friends, I already convinced myself that I dont need anyone and it worked but not for so long i started to lose interest in everything i didn't care about whats going on around me. No im not depressed ijust need to know what's going on w me. ik I'm not alone I just want to know if theres someone like me in this site

well ig that's it.

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Re: Hello internet


i just discovered this site right now too and finding out that there’s someone in a similar situation with similar feelings is nice.

i do have friends but whenever I rely on them for something I always curse myself for it because I know I could of done it myself. nothing interests me like it used to and I don’t know why. everything is just a bit grey now, you know?

Hi there,

I literally just found this site right now. I guess I’m going through something similar in terms of not feeling interested in anything anymore. I’m also in high school and I’m suppose to be deciding what I would want to do in college, however I’m not sure what I would want to do and have zero motivation to revise. Honestly , I don’t really care about anything. Ig we r in the same boat :)

But um I recommend try to start talking to others and make friends even if you think you don’t need them. Trust me, it feels better having people to talk to when you are feeling what you’re feeling :)

I hope this was helpful

hey, i feel the same as you! i am happy to hear that i am not alone with this feeling, i have friends but i feel so alone and i don’t know what to do anymore.

i really hope you start to heal soon because this feeling sucks so much aha :(

this site really helps me as i just write down how i feel and hope for a reply, i really hope it helps you and helps you figure out what’s going on with you x

i feel the same way. i have friends but i’ve convinced myself that all i need is me because i don’t want to ever be in a codependent relationship.

it sounds like you’ve become a bit numb to everything. that’s okay though. i know a lot of people feel like that.

i think as long as you spend some time figuring out what makes you happy you’ll be good. and that happiness comes from within you :)