self harm attempt


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I don't know what to do with myself anymore, i'm only 15, my parents don't believe me and i don't have anyone i could talk to about this

I struggle with intrusive thoughts a lot, i'm not suicidal, i don't want to self harm, and yet i somehow tried? The blade wasn't sharp enough, thankfully but i don't know howw to deal with this i can't deal with this

at the same time i dont feel the need to deal with this, in my head theres a part of me saying that this is normal that i should be lik ethis but i always know thats not true

To make matters worse i often have thoughts of hurting others, animals, people in ways i would rather not tell anyone but it scares me

i cant treat myself

i cant fix myself idont kno w how to fix myself im too scared

i tried reaching out for help with things similar to this but there was no response im too scared to do it again