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I’m broken. i feel like I can’t breathe. I feel lost. I feel stuck. I feel hopeless. I feel empty. I feel lonely. I feel worthless. I need help. I need to feel loved. I need to feel worthy. I need to feel happiness. I need to feel fixed. DO YOU? I feel there’s no point in me being here, I’m useless. Nobody needs me, nobody wants me. Wants the point? Exactly there isn’t one.

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i am very sorry for what you are feeling now. Tbh I am very bad at giving warm words and comforting others. But I really want to let you know that you can do it. You can conquer unhappiness and move on. Try to listen to Dalai Lama speech or meditate. It might help you coz it helped me a lot. Stay strong

you know that someone is reading this in regards to your emotions and what your enduring now just know that somebody someone cared enough to read this and tell you that there are some men & women who would offer all of the love ,care to make you feel like you mean something. you sound like someone who needs tender loving care attention and someone to make you feel like anything your going through matters.

You are ok. You will be ok. You are loved. You are needed. You will feel better.

recognise these thoughts that distress you, let them wash over and through you, feel the pain, cry the tears then stop, take a deep breath, then again and again.

give yourself a break, it’s ok to feel like this

lots of people care about you, I don’t know you and I care.

try and call someone if you can

You need you. No really think about it. We are all living the same lives just in different perspectives. You cannot seek validation from others. Nor happiness or love. You cannot accept positive reinforcements from others until you are ready to accept it from yourself. Take time to learn about yourself. Find your favorite features, attributes, and skills about yourself. BE SELFISH. You can never go wrong with putting yourself first. I wish you the best on your journey. Stay strong my love. I hope this resonates with you <3