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hey , this might sound insensitive and selfish but does anyone have tips on how to commit su!cide. i don't think nothing's really gonna work out for me anymore. before , i used to open up to my friends till the closest friend i have said he never care about me and im troublesome. since then , i stopped opening up. and now , it's feel like.. i dont know how to explain it lmfao. i really want to chase out these kinds of thoughts but hours ago when i was half asleep , my mom sighed heavily and start complaining about how i just eat and sleep. honestly , i was better. i was starting to catch up with classes but- hearing what my mom said just... i don't have the energy anymore. she called me fat lmao , i already lost 7 kgs in just a week. idk , maybe if you're willing to listen , here's my ig @farremma_

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