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How do I know if I'm suicidal.

My brother gave me a card for suicidal prevention and I can relate to some of the things on it.

I cut/scratch myself. I'm tired. Im behind in school. I just wished I could sleep longer even though I already sleep for ten hours. My relationships with my family is going down. My mom thinks I cant talk to her. My father is in prison. Nic(stepdad?) I have no idea what he thinks. I sometimes think I could just die and no one would care. My ex best friend sexually touched me when we were in third grade. I would be touched in music class, the library, even the community center. I dont know if I hate my self. I dont know what I'm feeling. I just want to curl up on my bed. My mom keeps pushing me to go to grandmas. How do I know I'm not doing this for attention? My mom keeps saying she feels that I am doing this to hurt her? How do I know I'm not? I lost all my friends. The one who lives at my aunt's doesn't even want to do anything with me?

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i am proud of you that even after going through lot of shit you are so strong........just don't give up pls ,you will soon be heeled:),just wake up from the bed and forget about what had happened in your past and start working on a new chapter of your life......and if you succeed in making a dream life for yourself do share you experience with others bcze one day your bad experiences will be inspirational for others.......you never know you can be motivating someone...

Maybe you are depressed. If you think to end it, please don't do it. Please reach out to your mother, your brother or your school counsellor. Tell them honestly. Tell them anything. How you are confused and all. I really wish you all the best.