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How can I ignore someone that I started feeling uncomfortable with (For no reason, he was nice) and I also started ghosting him. We go to same school and see eachother a lot! I know he has feelings for me and its.. sorta unbearable. I get anxious around him and he just gives me this cold stare and i'm sure he talks shit about me. It will be appreciated if you would help me out! xx

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Re: Help!

Honestly ive never been in a situation like that so i think that maybe it'll be better if you ask a friend or someone you trust for help, but ill give my opinion anyways. if you you feel that you can talk to him one more time (just to clear things up, not with the purpose of being his friend/partner ofc because you clearly dont want that and you dont have to do it if you dont want it to) i think that you could explain to him why are you ignoring him (you can say the truth or make an excuse, thats up to you). If hes a good guy he'll understand and he will not push you to still talking to him. Also i think that explaining things are better than ghosting, for both of you.

If you feel like you cant talk to him at all then i think that the only option is just.... straight up ignoring him. Like dont talk to him and if he approachs to you just give him dry answers so he'll understand that you dont want to talk. I know its hard but dont worry about what he could say about you. You have to prioritize your mental health and if hes mad because of that thats his problem.

Anyways, i think that asking a friend for help would be better.

Hope this helped, xx.