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i get the WORST anxiety attacks EVER lately and i don’t know how to calm myself. i always feel like i’m dying even though ik i’m not. i thought anxiety was something id never had to deal with & i never. ever. knew it would be this extreme. i’m going to get it treated soon, but does anybody have any experience with this and what i can do to calm myself in the meantime? i tried music, essential oils & deep breaths already.

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Study Islam 🤗🤗🙃

heyyy ! as a female that has suffered from anxiety in the past .. my anxiety attacks would get so awful that I'd pass out sometimes. they feel like you aren't alive dont they ? I completely feel ur pain and they are the worst thing to ever experience. I got over my anxiety attacks without having a treatment or taking medicine. if you're a Christian, I defiantly recommend leaning towards god under all circumstances. you either believe this or you dont , but he helped me when I felt like I couldn't make it any farther. some thing I did to help me during a panic attack was REALIZING it was just a anxiety attack. what I mean by that is telling yourself repeatedly 'its just an anxiety attack, im okay'. another thing is playing the 5 senses anxiety game. what you do is you find 5 things in the room your in that you can touch, see, smell, hear, and taste. another game is the alphabet game. you think of your abcs and you say a stands for apple, b stands for basketball, c stands for cat, and so on. those games have helped me a lot. basically, they just distract your mind from the anxiety or panic attack . you feel like youre going insane but I promise, you aren't. a medication that has helped me a lot is 'ashwagandha pills' they help with my anxiety a lot. I hope I helped! it does get better , I promise :)!