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When I was a child I dreamed of becoming a movie director because I love doing so and then it changed as I grew older... I wanted to become a writer, a novelist of some sort but then it again changed because apparently, reality slapped me that I dont have the IT FACTOR. My ideas seemed uncreative and everything I do seemed unnoticeable. I went to music and learned musical instruments and composed a few songs which never ever touched the eaes of people because the lyrics just dont make sense and when I tried joining contests I never win, not once. Then I went to arts and took architecture as my major turns out I still dont have the IT FACTOR. My ideas were always questioned nonstop being called out because the arrangements and plans are always "wrong" despite me doing non-stop research and readinf books and actually asking for help. I TRIED OKAY I DID MY BEST I ASKED FOR HELP BUT WHENEVER I DID THEY NEVER DO. So everything I do... people just dont appreciate it much I guess? I try to tell myself, its okay you dont need them. Excuse me how do you think would I be able to get myself a client and earn if I dont satisfy them? AAGHHH HELP WHERE DO I EVWN BELONH??? Dont start with the medical field I tried because I graduated in a science high school but guess what... I am not the best at it again. Not with politics I dont like it. Not with sports as well. Not with business either. I tried that as well. But I am still going to try but seriously... HELP.