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Your significant other ever just dismiss your anxiety and nervous breakdowns and tell you to just suck it up. She knows I’ve been suicidal before and I just started therapy to help but apparently it’s not enough. It’s to the point where I just want to drive into a wall and she still doesn’t care or acknowledge that I’m screaming out for help or at least empathy

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Same. My other constantly tells me that I have no right to feel down or that because they did something nice for me I should be 100% better... You could try having them go to the therapist with you, sometimes hearing it from someone with authority or that could explain it better might help. I don't know how to deal with it, I wish I did so I could tell you and others.

1st accept that sad fact pple usually don't care for your problems until they have 1st hand experience of it, try talking with your friend & pro councilor instead chances are at least they are professionals with lots of experience with pple facing same issue so at least you won't feel alone & maybe sort of weekly meeting with some mental ealth support group therapy can help you talk & up en up about it with pple battling same issue?:)