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This is my first time and I dont know if this is happening again but here goes..

To be fair I hate life. Parents argue. Drink. Couldn't be worse. Social services got involved once, I lied and pretended everything was okay.. look where that got me. I got no friends as everyone thinks of me as the wierd lonely girl..

To be honest i have thought about running away so any times but i keep getting dragged back by my dad. He can do some horrid things. He is controlling he is abusive. He is.. manipulative. I cant take it. My mother can be kind when she wants to be but that's not rlly very often anymore. I just want to escape. Get a break. I don't have depression.. yet.

If anyone can boost my moods I would literally give you £100 ( literally not rlly tho )

I'm just sick of this life.. this is no sob story so imma go but yh..

You get the idea.