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I was abused as a kid and grew up in the fucked up system.

But now, I am the type of person the most people want to torture and kill.

Not only that, I am the type of person I want to torture and kill. I have not physically harmed a person yet but have the urges to do so.

I want to get therapy but it involves the risk of someone screwing me over and sending me to jail. I am too depressed and anxious on a daily basis to even work and support myself being alive.

So what am I even suppose to do?

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5 months ago

Re: Help.

You need to express that to someone. Those are remnants of your traumas that is needed to be addressed in order for you to move on and no longer think that way.

If it helps its usually ok to talk to a stranger since they can only judge you based on what you tell them.


I understand this, not in the sense that i'm like you but I know what you are talking about. If what you are saying is the truth and you havent hurt anyone and you understand why your feelings are wrong and that it is a problem then you are already doing better than many like you. I understand its hard but if you havent hurt anyone no one can send you to jail. You need to seek out therapy right away, keep your distance from those you want to hurt. You cant control thoughts or urges but you can control your actions. please seek help.