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So I had nobody else to talk to so I decided to write on this.

I dont think I can handle living in this world anymore.

I can't carry on saying im fine and fake smiling.

I wanna die.

I wanna kill myself.


But I dont wanna go back to therapy or a mental hospital

from anonymous

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hi there are times when we feal to giveup i know its easy to saying anything but its ur life u might have put in effort to satisfy someone or for anything why dont you think of giving it one more try and frankly even though we might not be successful we can still survive out there in anyways so accepting and also looking on the bright side will help u calm down in this issue or crying it will bring out the pain internally stored it will lossen u up try it sometime and keep fighting dont giveup

I understand, I’m only 13 and I want to die. I want to shoot myself or jump of a bridge or overdose or do something because I’m stupid stupid stupid and I understand because I act happy and I laugh along and I smile but inside I’m dying. I understand because I also see no other way out. All I tell myself is to not do something permanent over something temporary please stay here with me, we can suffer together but we need to stay because some day it will get better. I know you don’t believe it and I sure as hell don’t either but we just have to have a little hope, so please hold onto the rope with me because some day someone will pull us up