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Same guy as the *anxiety* post. different topic kinda

I have so many things racing in my brain at the same time I don't know what to be sad about anymore. theres too many things.

I hate myself, my community is caving in on itself, i hate my anxiety and depression, and another thing that only certain people will get. ill explain more:

So I'm 14. I'm an otherkin. Don't tell me bullshit about either of those things, they're relevant to what I will talk about. I feel as if I am more mature and intelligent than my peers. I feel as if I am actually a demon. I know otherkin is in a past life and I feel that with other species, but I feel as if I am a demon currently. I know physically I am a 14 yr old human but I feel as though I am not mentally. Like I said, don't tell me hateful shit about otherkin, and if you think all otherkin are like this. no it's just me that thinks it's more than a past life.

another thing: I hate when people treat me like a child, animal, or play-thing. I am a living and breathing person. I am not an idiot. I do not play with dolls, I do not obsess over fictional princesses. I am not interested in being a queen or a fire fighter. I am interested in psychology, biology, and less childish things. I am not an idiot. I have the right to curse, I have the right to speak my mind. I am not a baby. do not call me "sweetie" or "dear" I am not some innocent child. don't underestimate me. I see many teens being treated as if they are incompetent idiots. Children are people too. sure, they still are dumb at times, so they can't be allowed to do anything adults can. I am different. I will still abide the laws but I am not like them. The friends I have made whilst in middle school have proven that even they are immature at times. So when I am emotional, they can't help. Then when I try to rely on my older "friends" they treat me as if I am an idiot or a laughing stock.

Anyways, am I just a self centered asshole or am I different? I don't know. I know I am an ass, but I feel different.

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Re: *help*

Hey! Whatever you identify yourself as doesn't matter to anyone tbh. The only thing good i see in your current situation is that at least you know what you're passionate about.(Rest other things don't matter). I don't know why you're seeking emotional support from another human being even after claiming that you're better and more intelligent than them. Tbh, different or not, every human being is complete in himself.

Stop trying to chase those friends who do not understand you. Invest your time and energy in being productive, following your passion and one day when you'll make it big these things will seem so petty that you'll laugh at yourself for even caring to worry about them.

Wish you all the best dude!✨❤