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Guys...I need help and where to get that help is what I don't know.am scared even to ask for it and I keep saying to myself whom will I even ask? I am drowning financially, i live with debts soo many debts that they keep me up all night. Yesterday I kept waking up after every 20 minutes because of it. I need help from wherever I can get it from coz honestly am depressed and I don't know what to do.

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i would contact someone to finally help you in your situation https://www.jgwentworth.com/
see if they can assist you or hopelink.org & i would look into mint app it will help you financially n your situations such as budgeting.

or apply for grants, https://www.usa.gov/debt,


I don’t know where you are but look up debt advice places and go to someone. Also bite the bullet and tell friends and family, they might not have the money to help you but you could get the emotional support you need too! They also might have advice too. Keeping this to yourself will only make things worse. People might judge for a second or be shocked at first if it’s quite bad but once it’s out there you’ll have people to talk to. Try just one person first!

Also speak to helplines and look up people who have been in the situations before.