help, I'm a teenager with no social life

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I hate being a teen in a strict Hispanic household. I’m almost 18 with no social life, I have no social media, I was never allowed to date, go on sleepovers, I wasn’t allowed to go to friends' houses or go out on my own. I’m 17 as of now I’ll be 18 in July. my mom had me at 17, and ever since she’s an annoying helicopter mom. it’s not fair she was only 16 when she went to street parties, she went out until early mornings, she had multiple boyfriends, and had so much freedom. I’ve NEVER smoked, drank, I’ve never even held hands w a guy before and it’s embarrassing. I’ve always wanted the life of a typical all-American girl who can have sleepovers and go to the mall w friends or leave the house to go to the neighbors on the opposite block. but for me NO. I’ve always been a good student, not the best with grades but decent enough, I did my chores, I ALWAYS help with my siblings, and I get little or no privacy. I share a room, I can’t have online friends because I’ll be “kidnapped” it sucks living in this damn house. I wish it was easier to move away or have some sort of freedom. my entire school life I had a flip phone, then an android phone but never an iPhone until I was 15. I’m writing this because I feel very upset. tonight I asked my mom why she’s cruel, I recently started talking to an old crush, we might consider dating but I don’t want my mom to know any of it. so my crush and I go out once a month or so to hang out and eat, we went back to my house but the living room was a mess, so I offered him to stay in my room, a reminder I have to share a room. my mom was on vacation at the time, so my stepdad was in the room next door, when she got back from her trip she started questioning why I let him in there, she assumed I had bad intentions with him, we both were sitting on opposite beds, watching markiplier. it’s embarrassing with him and me sitting in the living room with my grandma on the phone. our house isn’t big it’s a 1 story apartment w 3 rooms, the living room, and dining room are connected with no wall, it feels awkward trying to spend time with my crush with EVERYONE here. she got mad last time because I let him in the house when my dad or grandma wasn't around. we have 3 cameras in our tiny house! she saw him walk in! it’s ridiculous, she has screentime on my phone and likes to turn it on and off as she pleases and gives me only 2 hours a day of phone usage. I’ve asked her before once I turn 18 if I can have freedom, the answer is yes and no. thankfully she won’t control my phone anymore, but sadly I still won’t have sleepovers, nor go to friends houses, maybe dating but she must meet everyone before I even start dating. it’s getting on my nerves and I dislike this overprotectiveness, I won’t be a teen forever and she’s depriving me of it because in Hispanic culture it’s “disrespectful I’m my own person with my own feelings and thoughts, and the only way to actually ENJOY my damn life is if I get a job. I just hate it here, my mom isn't abusive physically but at times she can be mentally abusive and a huge stressor for me. I can’t enjoy simple teenage things because she’s too concerned over me not getting pregnant, which IK will not happen because I can’t even have a BOYFRIEND. I can’t take it living in this house anymore, ill possibly start going on tinder or start online dating and see how it goes, but knowing my mom she wouldn’t allow it either. it's bad enough I have 2 annoying siblings who take most of my space, but I have an annoying controlling mom who’s also taking my privacy away. I cant express myself without her thinking its “back talk” and I’m not allowed to cry because “I have no reason too” I’ve struggled with depression my entire life, and I’m stressed over school, and applying to community colleges, and trying to enjoy the last bit of teenagehood I have left but she’s deprived me of it, and gets upset when I choose not to go out. 

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