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Help, I'm struggling

I can't do this assignment. It's already extremely late and my vice principal called to say I have to hand it in immediately. I can't do it. I I'm not smart enough to do it. I've always had trouble doing work since grade 1. Im in grade 10 now and its the same. I cant ask the teacher for help because I know he will get angry and disappointed. My mum found out I hadn't handed it in and she's going to speak to me about it tomorrow.

School is really effecting me, but where do I have to go if I leave? My sister already dropped out, due to major stress and the fact that she has autism, and that school didnt help her enough.

I want to leave but the cons outweigh the pros.

Right now though, the problem is the assignment. It's psychology and it's a minimum of 1500 words. I know nothing about it because I'm too dumb. I'm not doing psychology next year as a subject, though. Anyway, idk what to do. I have been having suicidal thoughts every second of everyday for atleast 2 weeks now. I'm only 15, but then bc of this I feel like I won't be taken seriously and that 'it will all get better soon if you just work harder'. It doesnt help that I think I have anxiety, and my mum thinks I have ADD. It really doesn't help that neither of those have been diagnosed, so I'm not getting any extra help or recognition.

I just need to get this assignment in. I want to do it, I really really really want it to be done with so it can be over, but ofc, it's never that easy.

I want to tell my mum what struggles I've been going through lately, but I'm not good at confrontation, and I know I'm not able to even say it to her without it all going wrong.

My friends help me, but it's so late now- I'm even on school holidays- that it seems so dumb to do. Im really tempted to pay someone to do my assignment for me but theres way too much risk.

Please can someone reply? I don't care what you say I just need some help. I'm seriously struggling with this, anything is 10000% appreciated,

Thanks :')