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help me

idk what’s wrong w me. i am always the social butterfly, the optimistic and the forever smiling in any circle of friends. but i’m so tired, tired of everything in my life, i think today is the day where i can’t blame my period for being emotional and i just feel so overwhelmed. i have so many friends, so so so many friends but when i’m sad idk who to approach because everyone has their own problems to deal with, i rly don’t want to burden them with my problems.

i met up with my middle school friend last week for a short 5 minutes and i was so happy to see him because we haven’t met in ages because of covid, so i initiated to meet him today because i rly miss him so much but he never update me about his schedule until i cancelled the meet up. he said he forgot that we were meeting today and that made me question myself, why is it that i’m alwyas the one putting in more effort in the friendship and it’s so tiring because i’m not receiving that what i’m giving. everytime he text me on short notice to meet, i will tru my best to meet him at his convenience. everytime. i am honestly so tired of this friendship but he is someone i treasure a lot..