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Help me by reply

My friend doesn't want to talk to me after we had a fight I started it but I regret n I'm apologising but she isn't responding and I don't want to give her alone time cos she might say I don't care

So how can I make her forgive me, or is the a new way of apologising?? I've tried everything! Help me please


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Re: Help me by reply

Was it really serious? For her to get that mad at you?

You've already reached out to your friend and apologised first, right? Were you sincere? Did the same situation happen before last time?

Although you said that she might think you don't care, I believe she still needs time to think and consider your apology. Give her some time. If she really treasures you as a friend I'm sure she'll forgive you.

If she doesn't respond anymore then consider how big of a role she plays in your life (whether she's a good friend, bff, or just acquainted) and maybe she's not worth your time?

It will be okay, sit tight and don't worry, it happens to people, ask if you can talk to them about it, if they say no, give them time, don't ever get angry about it, this happens to lots of people, it happened to me with two people, the first time was with somebody whose friendship with me didn't quite work (to put it lightly) she ended up phsicologically bullying me and my best friend, she caused me and mt best friend to fight, but we got over it, and now she knows me better than anyone else in the world, and I'd like to think it's the same in vise versa. I hope what happened to me the second time hapens to you too! :)