counter attack

HELP ME ESCAPE PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM IN USA

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I’m in United States of America I’m sadly not minor

im in Virginia I’m 37 miles from Richmond in a rural area in the back countryside road

I’m living with evil abusers who are evil family members they scolds, hits, forces my clothes off, uses my tuition money, takes away and destroying my personal belongings mistreating me improperly anyhow on purpose

they don’t allow me to wear undergarments they always aiming to remove my clothes

anythings they buys they takes those items away from me

i dont own a vehicle nor money money to pay a taxi

shelters dont answer the email

authorities not trusting they kills people and I’m afraid the abusers will do a counter attack on me if I involved authorities

if you adult willing to help by being my witness, help me gather evidence of the allegations and help drive here when I’m ready to escape


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