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Help me get him back, please...

I'm a 23 year old girl and I fell in love with a guy online. It began with friendship and then we fell in love. We got closer, so close that the first person to pop up in my mind was him. We texted more and spoke less on calls, I mean we did talk for like 2 hours but it wasn't everyday. But that didn't matter because I was happy that he at least had time to text me and calls didn't matter because we communicated well on texts. It's not like we never had fights. He has asthma and he gets anxiety attacks, so he can't take too much stress. Every fight we had led to anxiety attacks and he even ended up in the hospital. The only problem was misunderstandings, and it did happen a lot because not everything can be told in a text.

Text is fine when you're making fun of speaking of something which involves love or anything. I always thought that calls are important when it comes to fights or if you don't like something and you want to tell that person straight away. I was always worried about him when he took 7-8 hours to text me back.

So, one day, we had a fight and again, it was a misunderstanding which I wanted to clear out so I tried calling him but it was too late. After that he avoided me for more than 2 weeks and it hurt me because I wanted to communicate but he didn't want to. I wanted to tell him that it was all a misunderstanding. He has this friend name Soniya, and this lady confuses him about me and at the same time tells me to stay away from him. It's like he is her puppet and does whatever she says. Soniya told me that my problem was being myself. How does being myself affect people? It didn't affect me when she said it because all I was thinking about was him. Now when I think about it I get so angry that I feel like hurting her, but I don't want to because that's not who I am. I should me mad at the guy because he doesn't have a brain of his own. Soniya has the strings and he's doing whatever she says. I don't want to be in love with a 'BOY' who can't decide for himself, I want to get over it but I don't know how. I still love him and I know I would do anything to talk to him again. I miss him like crazy! I miss his weird talks and sometimes lame jokes which always made me laugh.

If anyone has any advice for me, please let me know. I want that friend who made sure I was fine when I had bad days. The only problem is he doesn't reply to my texts. I want him to sort out things with me but I don't know what to do. Please help me! This blog is my only hope to get my friend back.

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Re: Help me get him back, please...

I have never been in a relationship but... i guess i could say this. If you love him that much you should tell him what's bothering you, you have to bring it up. Staying with him depends on his reaction, if he tries to agree/explain/improve, please know that he's trying and he's definetely worth it. On the other hand, if he denied it and tried to ignore your concern he might need time to cool off, so give him that time and if he returns changed or at least trying, keep him. If not, you could do way better gurl.