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help me if u can!!

someone please tell me how to act normal when you are breaking inside. i am very bad at putting act of being normal, please i really need this help. i am fed up of people asking me "are you fine", when I am totally not, its even more sickening to give forced smile, it pains my cheeks. days are getting worse each passing day and the thought to die is increasing. I just it to be all over. people say solution to the problems is with the problem , ya i have the solution but it cost the happiness of my dear ones , rather than hurting them I feel its better to die. My thoughts are only filled with my death. I wish i can suicide but i dont want my death to cause problems to my parents. i have started self abusing myself, i have started hurting myself. those kind of pains smoothens me. its really frustrating , suffocating, irritating to live like this , all i want is to die. just be gone forever. i have become void of emotions. tears also not flowing when i wanted to cry , i just feel void. complete void. i even thought of consulting free online therapist (as i am not earning person to pay their fee) but i dont know if it would help. i sometimes dont know what i feel and dont know how to explain it. if u have answers regarding therapist pls reply. i want to vent it out to someone. i feel too burdened

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Re: help me if u can!!

So sorry to hear how you feel. It is important to not try to be ‘normal’ if you don’t feel that way. It’s an act for others and yourself and will do you no good. Say you’re not fine, and reach out for help. And people will have to accept that you’re only human.

Also this is an anonymous site. If there’s something bothering you that you’re uncomfortable sharing with people who know you feel free to say it here and you might find support 😊

thank you to the person that replied!!

my problems will be silly to many, my problem is caused by myself, its completely my fault. i have wasted 3 years of my life, now i regret it , feel guitly even ashamed of myself, i have never been proud of myself, solution to my problem is available but like i said it will break and hurt my dear ones and they might even start hating me also. i just pray to god that he takes my life soon.

i cant do it any more , i really want to end this life right now itself but i am resisting myself from doing it , my dad has high hopes on me , i am lying to him, i am cheating my parents , i feel so ashamed , so useless , i feel so disgusting about myself . i jst want to end this life.

i am sorry dad, i let you down again, i dont deserve such a amazing father, so stupid and useless of me, i am very sorry.

why am i like this so incompetent , so useless and so stupid , i dont deserve this life ,, god please take my life soon. i am not worthy of this life. i am simply wasted.