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Help me out

Hi I really need someone’s help I’m only 12 turning 13 kinda soon and I have a bf and me and him have Necked on 3 time’s is that bad for my age

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Re: Help me out

Hay I’m 13 no i don’t think you should we are kids just cuz we’re turning to teenagers doesn’t mean anything I used to want to do the same thing but I’m glad I didn’t my sister did those kinds of things and she go pregnant and 19 it will escalate more things And you need to set boundaries with your boyfriend I wanna wait to that kind of stuff when I’m married or old enough please keep that kind of stuff till you’re a bit older and more mature I know what you mean and I kind of desperately want that but I need we need to set a wall please I’m not saying to stop just wait till you both are older you’re letting him do things to you that he shouldn’t cuz then he won’t wanna be with you cuz he likes you

I agree with the other response.. also.. when you start giving affection away like that and especially at such a young age.. it becomes less meaningful later.. to your self.. and believe it or not.. hes probably shared it with someone else.. and when word travels like that.. you get labeled a certain way... and nothing good comes from that