Help me please.

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There's this boy i met on a calling application and instantly we both clicked, as in just couldn't stop talking

But little did i knew that he's 6-7 years older to me

Still knowing about everything we kept on talking

Tried to distance myself from him since i started getting too attached and couldn't stop myself about how caring, honest, genuine he is

And he never left. And if i made a mess somehow we found a way back to each other. He told me "i won't be the one giving up" and i know that. We've been talking for more than a year now, we both know what we feel about eachother but will never ever confess as we don't want to make things hard or complicated.

I'm really in dilemma about what to do and what not to.

We've never met too.

And now his family has started finding girls for him and get him married.

I need to end this

What should i do or say to end tied with him for forever.