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help me, please

i cant breathe,im suffocating my self with all these lies. who am i, even i dont know! im lost in my thoughts , in my life and in this huge world full of toxic people, with no one to talk to. i cannot to do this any longer, i want to give up struggling. im haunted by the insults! im tired of crying my self to sleep. depression is a crime in my household, i dont have my mom comforting but telling me depression does not no exist ,its a lie. all i see is disappointment in their eyes! why do people keep hurting me , cant they see its killing me. am i really just a disappointment?or is there more to me! help me, please! im just a girl with dreams!!!!

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Re: help me, please

Hey. You're NOT a disappointment sweetie. I'm there to talk to if you want. And based on my personal experience, anonymity gives us the courage to open up completely. Talking helps. There is a lot more to you. These situations would make you stronger and braver. You're a fighter. Don't give up.

Hey, you are not alone, just that you know. You matter, and you are special. It was meant to be I suddenly search "online confession" and accidentally saw your post in middle of the night when I suddenly awake from sleep, it's 2:40am here over the globe. My dear friend, I was there too, so I can feel you... I am sorry that you today have to be in this situation... No, you don't deserve to experience all these, you have done nothing wrong, you are a good person, you are compassion, you are kind to people, and you love them. You are so beautiful in heart and that makes you a very beautiful person. You are worthy, no matter what other people said, okay?! Not even your family and your mom. It was super hard when they don't understand what you are going through. I was there. I know how it feels. I wanted just a little support or understanding, but I didn't get it but the same, they said it's in my mind only, they are my family, my love ones, and the people I trust. It was really hurt. So you see... You are not alone. You are not the only person in this world who have to go through these things... Our storys may be different but the pain are similar. I am feeling heartache now, that I know you are suffering. But hey, look at me. :) :) :) today I can give you three smiles and tell you: if I could overcome this shit, you definitely can too, if you want to. There is always light in life, and hope too. But I wont tell you bullshit, the only one thing I gonna say and want you to know is: it really doesn't matter others don't believe you, don't understand you, or don't love you. You, are always there for yourself. You, always have to be there to support you, trust you, love you!! We are all stronger than we think we are, when you look back in the future you will know what i mean. But now, just remember it. Be nice to yourself, take your time to sit with him/her, listen to your heart, tell yourself you love him/her, give them a hug, be patient with them, outside of you doesn't matter, only you matter!! You will see how special you are, how much you deserve to be loved. Whenever you think no one loves you, God loves you, he heard your prayers and calling for help, and he sent me here. I love you, the others who read your post and replied loves you, all the people gone through this loves you, there are many people in this world loves you. And sooner or later you will find out what's the plan of God to put you here today. I was once almost give up, I got kicked out of home and I was helpless, I lost all my faith and hope, future and life was hopeless, I was desperated, I went to a church and told God I lost all my hope, it's dark, it's too painful, I am too tired, I can't go on, I can't fight anymore... And then at that moment, I heard a voice in me replied "if you are really hopeless, faithless and desperated, you won't be sitting here today." I was shocked and everything changed from there. I don't know if you believe in God, but it doesn't matter, I wasn't a good follower, he answered me, and he too hears your cry and screaming, and send me and others here to give you company, give you a hand or two to help you pass through this tough task in life. Stop blaming yourself, you have done nothing wrong, you are a beautiful soul, you are a light in this dark and toxic world. Don't give up, because we need you, after overcoming my depression, I know why I was put there and why it's so unfair I had to suffer all those pain and loneliness... So that now I share and give a little light and love to who are suffering and being left in the dark and got lost. I was so lost, but now I've found my direction. Life is meaningful, and it's about love, it's always much more than what we can see at the moment. Life sometimes is a hard and painful lesson, like this one, but try to see it as a video game, you have to gone through each chapter to go to next level, and get the Rewards. You are brave, you are very tough coz you have gone so far already!! Only God and you know how difficult it was... Go beat it! Don't be beaten! Keep fighting!! Fight back!! I believe in you!! Nothing, no one really matters except YOU! Okay?! Pray to God if you need help, listen within yourself to find the answer, you are the light, not the dark. Go find help whenever if you needed, but from experience I can tell you, you will only see light and get out of the maze if you wanted to, very very badly, determined. There is always a way out and you always have options, you are in control with your life, not some other people, alright?! We are here supporting and cheering for you from far, but connected in heart. Love you, sending you a lot of love and light, and healing too. Hugsss.