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Help me please

I'm only a child and I feel like I want to die. I'm showing symptoms of depression and anxiety. I think I'm insane now too. I only cut sometimes but it isn't enough. I feel useless. I think I'm going insane because of the voices telling me to die. What do I do? I can't cope anymore but if I die my friends will be sad. I can't run away either because I keep failing at it. I can't even sleep anymore without the voices telling me about how much my family hates me. I can't even trust them anymore!

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Re: Help me please

You’re not alone.

Many people I know (that are kids) feel that way too.

Just know that, if they can get through in life, you can too.

I know that you’ll succeed. I believe in you.

Just keep trying, and win the battle, okay?

Think about how sad your friends will all be.

It’s okay to be sad. You’re going through a really rough time right now.

You are loved. The sun will come out after the storm. Ik you have probably heard shit like this all the time. But there are so many things to live for. Think about even the littlest things that get you out of bed every morning. Try to find a goal or a purpose in life, whether it be smth big or small. You don't realize how many people will be affected if your gone, you are amazing and strong. Don't stop fighting you got this!! :)