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Help. My dad's the one in the way?

I'm a girl who aims to become independent, and take care of myself well. But my dad is in my way.

My dad wants me to take music as my degree. I'm good at it, but I have absolutely no interest in it. I want to take science and do something in that field. I don't wanna become a singer or celebrity or anyone famous, I just want a normal life.

My dad and I argue alot and I can't talk back either because there's no one to defend me, except my mom, but when she says anything to him, it turns into a fight

He says that girls can't do anything in science and they can only dance and sing and earn money. I'm so disgusted by that attitude, and I want to move out, but I have no money :(

I don't think I can take it much longer, he's playing with my future...

Please help :(

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Re: Help. My dad's the one in the way?

Well its really hard to convince one's parents well you can always try to do a part time job and take admission in some good college or school well try to convince him to let you study what you want and you can take well music or singing classes you know as a course after your study time it might seem difficult but worth a shot find a middle path where you can fullfill your ambitions and his desires too.