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I'm constantly at my friends house for days on in every weekend and i enjoy being there but i have a feeling her oldest daughter who is 17 y.o is tired of constantly seeing me at the house. I started getting this vibe like over a month ago but i ignored it. Then recently her mother which is my best friend noticed that her daughter started acting differently and my best friend stated " i wonder is she getting tired of you coming over, that's why she's acting different." i never said anything or brought anything up but i enjoy being at my best friends house and cuddling with her, holding her, spending time with her and having someone in my corner, but now having that gut feeling of her daughter getting tired of me coming over and my best friend stated even if she's tired of me coming over my best friend still wants me to come over no matter what so now idk what to think. i am over there quite a bit like every weekend and sometimes during the week... i don't know if i should give them all a break and stay at home for a while or what.... can someone give me advice please?