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help please :/


im 14 and i stress a lot and it keeps me awake all night there’s too much going on in my head and i have no one to talk to about it but that’s not why i’m here today. please don’t judge but in a few days i’m going shopping with this boy it wasn’t supposed to be just us too but it is now and i have no idea how to act, i’m scared i have never been anywhere alone with a boy before. these sounds so childish i’m sorry, but can anyone help it might make me sleep better :(

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Re: help please :/

If the boy is someone you know well, tell him how you’re feeling. If he disregards how you feel, then he doesn’t deserve to go out in public with you. Drop the outting on the spot.

Otherwise, he should be understanding and talk through it with you. You don’t deserve to feel so stressed at such a ripe age, but know that you’re not the only one who feels so anxious. In fact, that boy may be just as anxious. It surely isn’t easy to go out with someone alone, and it’s scary for you... but when you’re scared, that means that you’re about to do something incredibly brave. Be confident in yourself and try not to think on it too much. The more you ponder the worse you’ll feel, so try to just let it take its own course.

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