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Hey, I need help. Urgent, please

I know it's not a good way to ask for help but this is so urgent. You may think I'm fake, this is all fake but no, if you text me I swear I'll send you all my dates to verify who I am and all the situation you need to believe me. 

Maybe the reason is stupid but I think it's a really important reason for me. I need to but a plane ticket to a place in Europe, I'll tell you if some are interested in helping me, please. It's about love but also about health. My girlfriend is so far away from me. She's not okay mentally, that's the most important reason I need to go there urgently. She has a hard life there, even more with her family's opinion about us and everything, she asks for help with her mental health to her parents and they said no. She's feeling lonely there. That's why I need to go there, to take care of her or just stay by her side to listen. But my financial condition is not good now. I worked, sold and do a lot of legal things to get money but it's not enough yet. I need to buy a plane ticket and it's too expensive. What do I do? Every time she's feeling worst mentally. We are not an ordinary couple, so we can't ask our family for help, I know my family wouldn't help me. Help me, I'll pay it to you back as soon as possible but please, this is urgent. I'll help you too if you need, contact me.

It's that urgent.

Thank you for reading me.