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I looked across the room and didnt know Aphrodite took human form. Her smile glowed cand brightened up the cafe. She looked at me and look away and smiled again. Looking more beautiful than the last. How can she be mine? Not for a week, not for a month, not for a year not for an eternity. Until the end of time and space and beyond that. "She's going to be mine." I told myself. She must've done a deal with Medusa because everytime I looked at her I turned to stone and couldn't look away. But how can a boy like me from the hood impress a girl like you. So elegant, so tranquil, so beautiful, majestic. All I've known was violence, betrayal and pain while all she known was love and compassion. Change I told myself. I think she likes you, she looks at you a lot.

My dream came true, I spoke to her today. Sweeter than Arizona iced to on a hot California day. All I wanted to do is celebrate her every may. Fuck that, every day. We took a photograph not thinking much of it later did I think that this is going to be the photo i show our grand kids. I took her up to my room, poured her a couple shots to get her in the right mood. Rolled a blunt and passed it to her, she told me this was her first time, not just on the wine and weed, but being intimate. I didnt cbelieve her. I hope she wasnt lying but oh my lord was she the most beautiful woman I've laid eyes on. And then "they" came. Saw our potential said they wanted to break our love for their entertainment. Set us up and put you against me. Know I see her. Not from the distance not from another room. From a black mirror from which the witch placed a curse on to curse and control us. I know you dream about as I still dream about you. Heard you knew about me before I knew you. Wish I could have you again but not for a day but for 100 life times.

-J.J. Crown