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Here Monster Monster Monster

Waiting to fight a monster. Somebody posted on here in past if you read some bs a monster would appear at your window on a certain night & try to kill you.

So I read it & dropped the challenge. The Bible says are demons; but I’m saved, so God is all powerful.

In my family some practiced voo doo. They’d say they saw a demon or ghost. I’d grab a weapon & walk right out there. Never saw it. They claimed it disappeared when I got near. Yeah right.

As a little boy my step dad tried scare me. I’d get up to eat at night. Told me was a monster outside waiting to kill us if we got up. I grabbed a weapon & went outside.

I used to hunt at night as a boy. A predator started hunting me. I won.

I don’t scare easy. I was trained by soldiers; Native Americans, & a Ranger.

I sleep with an assault rifle; shot gun, & pistol by my bed. I have swords over my bed.

I live on a rural mountain. An ex Ranger is in my house. Everyone in my house is great with guns. All around us are hunters & vets.

Make believe stuff can’t do nothing. Any real threat will be the prey & I the predator.

So why did I post that then & this now? In real life fairy tales & scary movies are fun. I’ve laughed at them since I was a kid. I always figured if a monster was real I could beat it.

You must fear real dangers. Like texting while driving. Taking illegal drugs. Going into dangerous areas at night. There are enough real things that can kill you without worrying about made up ghosts & goblins. But if it shows up your see me on tv posing with what’s left of it; then I’ll mount it on my wall.

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Re: Here Monster Monster Monster

Obvi I don’t expect a monster. I’m trying to help people who believe in goofy stuff. But for any who do believe in monsters don’t worry; it would need to be afraid of me.

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