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He's a cheater

I know my husband is cheating on me . He goes to massage parlors where they have halpy endings and full on sex . I hate him more than anything but I cant leave him because I'm alone in this world and we have 2 kids.

I have so many screen shots of msgs he sends to make appointments. I've sacrificed my whole life and happiness for him. I'm miserable every day . The only thing that makes me happy is being with my children .

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Re: He's a cheater

Take those screenshots to your lawyer and sue that bastard for everything he's got.

When you divorce him, which you must do, make him so penniless that he won't be able to afford to go to the massage parlors. After all, the money he is spending on handjobs and blowjobs is money that should be set aside to support his children. Since he's unwilling to be that responsible, you need to sue his balls off and take that money that your kids are entitles to.

That bastard can jack himself off. He doesn't need to be spending the kids' money on dealing with his hard ons.

Don't put up with this. You and your children deserve better.