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It takes only moments to fall in love but to maintain that love takes a lifetime. Feelings, when they come, its like a violent surging fire, burning fiercely. As the flames burns, if you don't add fuel to the fire, it will be blown to cold grey ashes.

Just like how words if not said will only end up turning into an abyss waiting in the shadows. If I were to say them, will it make the ending better? Cause if I were to be given a second chance, I would use every bit of it on him.

it is not guilt that is speaking but the longing and regrets of what would it be like if our parallel words collide and made us see each other. Pride made it so hard for us before, if I confessed, will we not pass by each other without saying a word?

The world is not scary but it feels so suffocating without him it made my time stop. All I see is the grey, blue, and green surroundings. Nothing seems to be going my way. I just lost the will to do anything.