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You must be going through a lot of emotion. Loneliness, physical longing and others. I understand, I wish I could tel you more but I can't...this time I am told to be silent, I wonder if you still hear me tho...

I can't say what I'm thinking or feeling, but I can say:

I believe in your light, don't quit now.

Get better.

Have faith, don't let evil (temptation, distraction, depression, loneliness, irrational beaviour and hatred) win.


Eat nice food, I hope we eat at the same time.

Warm oil awaits your touch,and your words of faith to be absorbed in it, and to be applied where all the wounds and doors are.

There is a promise in your heart, you can't go backwards. Look ahead at your promise.

I love & miss you, any thing you do I hpe i in gold faith.

I feel the same as you...

I can't say more...but you know...

I Love you so much...


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Re: Hey...(cont.) Wildflower...


you still think about me?


dying without you.

I know this is easier for you as you've probably been through this in the past.

But I also know we hit each other different.

So if you are trying to forget me, how long is it gonna work? If the potential options that come your way are a tempting escape or validation, how far from Christ are you willing to go again?

Surely what you excepted in your heart is the only validation you need, and with that trust, everything else will fall into play - even a good partner, if it's not me 🙂

Not a day goes by when I don't think about you...and I'm trying not to because it hurts me so much.

If this does get to you, I just wanna say I love you, baby. My heart misses you more than anything else in my being, and those other things miss you alot too so that's saying a lot.

I can't tell you this in person, I'm not allowed. I can't tell you more than this...I can only tell you what is said in the original post I replied too...

I need you now more than ever...in all ways. But I cannot have you. All I have is my faith...what do you have?

Baby, you're my everything.

I love you, but most importantly,

God loves you - allow this and break your chains.

Amen 🙏🏽