Hey, it's God!

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You know, God understands. Hey wants to help. He just needs you to give him a chance. No matter how bad the situation is, no matter what they've done, what you've done, no matter the things you've said and seen, no matter the places you been, no matter your fails, no matter the broken promises, no matter the disappointments, no matter the loneliness, God has always and is and will always be by your side. I've been broken too. Thought I was alone, thought there was no point of anything, no one understood, no one listened, thought they were the answers, chased faded lights but you know who said could help? Jesus did and He said pray, pray first. Pray? There is no other way to get a message to God but through prayer. Prayer is a conversation between you and God. You speak then He speaks not just one person talking. You know what that means??? God replies and He replies with the best answers. Try it and see. Remember His voice is very quiet, talks calmly and yes I know you might not hear Him the first time but keep trying He speaks, He speaks in many ways, in many ways you can imagine, through the impossible even. My assurance of tomorrow is in Christ✝️.