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Oh dear, I miss you.

It's been a while. Nine months since we REALLY talked. It's weird how not that long ago, you were such a big part of my life. You were the person I looked forward to seeing every day. The person I would talk to whenever. The person I'd hold onto. The person who's smile would make me smile. The person who I looked forward to seeing in my dreams. Actually, you're probably the only person I've been in love with. I didn't realize it while it was there. I mean, I realized I liked you. Like, I liked you a lot. But it wasn't until after it was gone that I realized just how much.

Maybe it was a right person, wrong time kind of thing, maybe it was just not meant to me. But I still miss you. Maybe I should be happy that it didn't end because of something bad, rather the situation. But I feel like maybe that would have hurt less.

There's a couple questions I don't know the answers to. Am I still on your mind the way you're on mine? Do you ever think about me? Do you have any idea how often you're on my mind? Am I still somewhat in love with you?

I don't know any of these things, but I miss you. I hope someday we can become a part of each other's lives again. I'm always going to love you, in some way or another.